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USMP developed roots in the retail consumer electronics business of New York.  In 1996 we embraced the accelerating wireless segment and shaped our retail locations into a community mobile resource.  As demand for wireless grew, USMP became a knowledge, resource, and product hub to local retailers in the New York metropolitan region.  Today, USMP is a global mobile distribution and channel solution provider with US offices in NY and CA.  Still headquartered in Brooklyn, we retain the urban pulse that put us on the cutting edge, and sculpt our future with the voice of our customers and suppliers across the globe.


To connect our partners and customers with successful product and new channel strategies employing integrity and mindfulness for future sustainable growth.

Who are our customers?

You are CE and Mobile retailers made of bricks or bytes looking for a partner that offers unique product solutions marketed to entice consumers and augment your existing streams of profitable revenue through the employment of collaborative incremental growth strategies.