Smartphones in the Workplace

Smartphones have been incorporated into the work force and are enhancing productivity among employees.  However, corporations are concerned with the security issues that exist with sharing confidential data and information.  Soon smartphones will be equipped with native hypervisor software and consumers will have access to an application that allows them to run and operate with two different interfaces on one phone.  This is done with the intention of one interface being designed for work purposes and the other for personal use.

This new mobile technology will not be available until sometime late next year.  However, some of the leading software companies such as VMware and Red Bend have already signed contracts with popular smartphone manufacturers to create a platform for dual-identity usage of smartphone devices.  With this new development in the mobile space, corporations will have sense of security and control over their data and employees will be granted the ease and convenience of accessing important information while still maintaining personal privacy.  Advancements in mobile technology are making consumers more and more dependent on their mobile devices while increasing their productivity and efficiency in the workplace.  Allowing employees to use their wireless devices for work related purposes freely while still protecting the privacy of the company will open doors for smartphone manufacturers as well as consumers.  For more information about the new dual-identity interfaces for smartphones, click here.

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